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Sunil Kumar


Computer Certification


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Course Requirements

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Course Description

The Certificate in Computer Application course is designed to introduce students to fundamental concepts and practical applications of computer hardware and software. Throughout the program, participants will develop a solid understanding of essential computer skills, which will enable them to navigate digital environments effectively and efficiently.

Course Content:

Introduction to Computers:

Basic computer hardware and software components
Understanding operating systems and file management
Introduction to computer networks and the internet

Microsoft Office Suite:
  • Word processing using Microsoft Word: Creating, formatting, and editing documents
  • Spreadsheet skills using Microsoft Excel: Creating, formatting, and analyzing data
  • Presentation design using Microsoft PowerPoint: Creating slideshows for various purposes

Internet and Email Usage:
Web browsing techniques and online research
Introduction to email communication and proper email etiquette

File Management:
Organizing and managing files and folders
Creating and managing backups
Basic Graphics and Image Editing:

Course Outcomes

Assessment and Certification:

Participants will be assessed through a combination of assignments, quizzes, and practical exercises. Successful completion of the course will result in the award of a "Certificate in Computer Application," indicating the participant's proficiency in fundamental computer skills and software applications.

Course Curriculum

1 Introduction
7.36 Min

2 File Menu
8.39 Min

3 Clip Board & Image
12.11 Min

4 Tools & Shapes
7.33 Min

5 View Menu
3.27 Min

6 Check Your Paint Knowledge [Quiz]
Start 10 Min

1 Introduction
9.44 Min

2 Use of Copy, Cut, Paste, Find and Replace
8.57 Min

1 Introduction , Title bar, File
11.25 Min

2 File ,clipboard,Font, Paragraph, view
11.46 Min

1 What is Computer?
2.18 Min

2 ypes of Computer, Super/Mainframe /Micro/Mini Computer, Digital/Analog/Hybrid Computer
6.53 Min


Sunil Kumar

5 Rating
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Hey there! I'm from India and I love tech and learning. I studied Diploma and BCA, and got certificates in Full Stack Web Dev and Python Flutter from Udemy. Besides coding, I enjoy biking and doing coding projects. I find peace in green places. I'm a fast learner and love challenges. My big goal is to be a top-notch Full Stack developer and keep exploring the coding world with excitement.

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