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XectiQ Computer Education is a leading training center for global IT industry requirements. The organization which was set up, to help the nascent IT industry overcome its human resource challenges, has today grown to be amongst the world’s leading talent development institutes offering learning solutions to Individuals, Enterprises, and Institutions across the zone. To impart high-quality, Career-oriented, and examination-oriented education to students using the latest technology for optimization of teaching resources and saving the valuable time of the students.

We are here to meet your demand and teach the most beneficial way for you in Personal.


Most Intractive Teaching

Dedicated and passionate educators who bring learning to life. Our involved teachers are committed to nurturing student growth, fostering curiosity, and creating engaging classroom experiences.


Large Selection of Courses

Key features are the ability to develop relationships with their students, patient, caring and kind knowledge offer learner engaging students of their.


Timely Quiz & Exam

Regular quizzes and exams conducted punctually to assess understanding and progress. These timely assessments enhance learning and provide valuable feedback

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Teach what you love. Corrector gives you the tools to create a course.

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